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Survey on Organizational Health : People Practice

HR or Human Resources can be considered as the heart of an organization. HR plays a pivotal role in attracting, hiring, and retaining skilled talent that drives business growth. HR bolsters motivation and productivity. Furthermore, HR Policies bridges communication between management and employees, acting as a channel for grievances and concerns, thereby enhancing employee satisfaction and reducing turnover.

Our HR team EaseBiz has more than 22 years of professional experience who have worked with various industries and MNCs like retail, pharmaceutical, chemical, etc. to support your unique and exact business needs. We have partnered with many organization helping them improve productivity and output of employees through various HR Interventions.

This survey will provide true scenario of HR Policies and practice of your organization and at the end we shall provide comprehensive report (without any commercial) that how can we address them to improve productivity and output.

Take 5 minutes of time to help you improve people practice / policies and employee productivity.

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Q1. Have you come across the importance of having mission, vision and company values for employees and clients/customer?

Important Advise on Mission, Vision and Values and take away:

Mission: It defines the organization's business, its objectives, and how it will reach these objectives.

Vision: It defines where the organization aspires to go, the purpose of your company’s existence

Values: guiding principles that provide an organization with purpose and direction and set the tone for its interactions with its customers, employees, and other stakeholders

Q2. Does your company have policy on Time management – late coming, early going, leaves, holiday calendar, pay deductions?

Time Management is the first step to survive and succeed:

Time Management: This is the first step towards ensuring productivity of your employees without which foundation of success cannot be laid down.

Q3. Do you find difficulties in communicating all the rules , policies as mentioned above and ensure its implementation?

Having Professional yet flexible culture is the need of an hour!

In SMEs organization set up and looking at tenure and loyalty of employees, management feels difficulty in communicating these policies assertively and formally. However, when organization wants to grow from X to Y level then it becomes non-negotiable to define these and implement it on ground level.

Q4. Does your team is motivated enough to carry on routine work?

Motivation is the food / fuel for any output or productivity of an employee:

Motivated employee is always productive one! Reward and Recognition programs goes long way in maintaining healthy and motivated environment at workplace. Motivation is all about people every day look forward to coming to work place and perform their duties, ultimately when they enter the office it should bring smile on their face.

Q5. Does your company have other policies defined? New Joiner On boarding, Travel, Mediclaim, Maternity, Mobile, Group Term Life Insurance, Employee Referral, Vigilance policy, etc.

Importance of Company Policies:

If you don’t have policies defined, then sometimes small matters turns out to be legal matter and becomes very difficult for Employers to defend it.

Q6. If Q5 is Yes, write down few of the names of few policies.
Q7. Does your junior / senior, executive or manager executes the same task? Are they doing similar roles

Your organization becomes handicapped without Role & Responsibilities defined formally!

If you don’t have roles and responsibilities clearly defined (Who will do what? Who will report to whom?) then it becomes very difficult to get the work done and see productivity of your employees.

Q8. Have you defined Goals / KRA – Key Result Areas for your organization and each team members?

Without Goals, your organization and an individual can simply not survive!

Defining SMART – Specific Measurable Achievable Realistic and Time Bound goal is the key to success. If you really wish to progress and take your organization to the next level, then Goals / KRA is must! We can not achieve new heights without KRAs in place which starts from Top level and gets percolated down to bottom level.

Q9. Does your organization face challenges like – Employees’ are leaving frequently? Or Difficulties in attracting right talent? i.e. recruitment or productivity/output of your employees are not up to mark?

We often ignore People factor out of - Man, Machin & Material which is the biggest mistake made by any organization and promoters.

These all reasons somewhere might impact overall output and Profit & Loss of your Balance Sheet.

Q10. You may like to share any specific challenge that your organization is facing and would like to have intervention with respect to Q9. and we shall help you sharing our findings on how to overcome and improve